Nieuwstaete Attorneys at Law practises within the following fields of expertise:

Administrative law
You can request our help with cases within the public sector, for example regarding environmental issues, or spatial planning.

Corporate law
We advise companies on all matters of corporate law including contracts , commercial transactions, licensing and franchise.

Criminal Law
The defendant in a criminal case needs a dedicated defence lawyer at his or her side. We provide defence lawyers who will fight for your case.

Family Law
We will assist you with sensitive cases that involve divorce, alimony and custodial rights.

Immigration law
If you want to immigrate to the Netherlands or acquire the Dutch nationality, our firm can guide you through the processes and procedures.

Inheritance law
We have experience with cases regarding inheritance and succession.

Labour law
We accept cases concerning conflicts in the work environment. Our clients include both employers as well as employees.

Property law
Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, or your case regards a residence or a corporate building, we can help out with conflicts regarding property.